Big Brother: Carole, Ziggy discuss Chanelle

Carole has told fellow Big Brotherhousemate Ziggy that she wants nothing more to do with Chanelle, after they rowed over the talent show task.

The 53-year-old decided she had had enough of Chanelle following her reluctance to play the violin in the task, and her threats to leave the house as a result.

Her recent arguments with Charley had also left Carole at the end of her tether.

“I had a discussion with her last night,” said Carole, “and she can’t see how her behaviour impacts on other people, and how they’re trying to deal with being here.

“I don’t want to continue having anything to do with her and I’m not discussing things with her,” she concluded.

Ziggy agreed that Chanelle had dealt with the situation badly, while Carole said that she almost thought the 19-year-old had been given a secret mission to sabotage the task.

“You have to understand I’m in a difficult situation here,” Ziggy told her.

“I care for her, but yesterday I saw something I didn’t like.”

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