Big Brother: Carole’s cornflake complaint

Carole has expressed her annoyance at her fellow Big Brother housemates trading the house’s cornflake supply for alcohol on Thursday night.

The 53-year-old launched into her tirade on Friday morning as Kara-Louise rummaged round the kitchen looking for cereal.

“I just think they’re so stupid,” said Carole, referring to how Liam, Brian and the twins had traded three boxes of cornflakes for alcohol the previous evening.

“They’ve given all of the boxes of cereals away apart from the coco pop things and one box of crunchy cornflakes.”

A sleepy Kara-Louise was only half listening, but Carole persisted. “It would have been better off to say ‘no, we’re not doing it’…” she whinged.

“To begin with it was funny, then you start trading food that you’ve gotta live on for the next week for five minutes of wine…”

During the course of the evening the housemates traded other food items – including hot sauce and a jar of piccalili – for more alcohol. Which once again Carole was less than happy about.

“They’ll keep on and on and on until there’s nothing left,” she fretted.

“They know where they can get you. They can get you with cigarettes and food.”

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