Big Brother: Carole’s sleepless night

Big Brother‘s oldest resident Carole has once again complained about the amount of noise in the house disturbing her sleep.

The 53-year-old – who has frequently whinged about noise at night – finally lost patience and launched into a dawn rant after Amanda walked backwards and forwards to the bathroom several times shortly after 4am, closing the door noisily each time.

Carole made her feelings known, pointing out that she doesn’t sleep during the day like the other housemates, but was woken again just half an hour later by Gerry, who tried to close the door quietly but with little success – leading to another outburst.

“It’s all right Gerry, don’t bother love!” she fumed. “I think you’re the only person apart from Nicky who has the decency to hold the door.”

I know it squeaks, but how many times do people need to go in and out, in and out, back and forth, back and forth?” she added.

“If any of you were asleep and I was doing it, eventually it would be duvets at dawn and ranting and raving.”

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