Big Brother: Chanelle and Laura nominated!

Chanelle and Laura are facing possible eviction from the Big Brother house on Friday after receiving the most nominations from their fellow housemates.

Both received five votes each from the others, ahead of Carole, Charley, Ziggy and Tracey who received three each.

Gerry was nominated twice, while Brian and Nicky each had a single nomination.

Chanelle was nominated by Carole, Charley, Jonathan, Laura and Tracey.

“She can fly off the handle at the drop of a hat and it’s very childlike,” Tracey told Big Brother. “She just loses the plot over the stupidest things.”

Recently departed housemate Jonathan said the 19-year-old was “out of her depth”.

“When you’re reliant on tasks and you’re a team of desperate, disparate people trying to rescue some shred of dignity from some obscure task, what you don’t need is a Chanelle,” he said.

Jonathan also nominated Laura, as did Gerry, Chanelle, Carole and Ziggy.

Gerry described the Welsh nanny as a “beached whale”.

“I’m starting to see that behind the funny character there is quite a lot of nastiness,” he said.

And Ziggy said she was “very very bossy to the people who can’t stand up for themselves”.

Friday’s eviction will be the fourth so far this series. It is the first time either housemate has been up for eviction – and in Chanelle’s case, she received her first nominations of the series.

Although Charley nominated her last week, the vote was discounted after Charley broke the rules and discussed her nominations.

Twins Sam and Amanda are now the only housemates yet to receive a single nomination.

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