Big Brother: Chanelle and Ziggy reunited

Chanelle Hayes returned to the Big Brother house in a shock twist on Sunday night — for just 15 minutes.

Posh wannabe Chanelle entered the house as a mystery guest in a quiz task.

Her ex-lover Ziggy and Carole were blindfolded, led into the vestibule and told to identify the ‘famous TV personality’ just by touching her.

Former boybander Ziggy was shocked when he realised he was groping his ex-girlfriend.

The pair shared an intimate hug — but Ziggy was visibly in tears when Chanelle was forced to leave just 15 minutes later.

He told her: “This is so embarrassing. I’ve been thinking about what I would say to you and now I don’t know what to say. You look great.”

With caution, he then asked: “Is it worth talking when we get out?”

“If you want,” she replied.

Chanelle, who walked out of BB four weeks ago after splitting with Ziggy, told him off for smoking — the cause of many of their rows.

She smelt cigarettes on him and yelled: “You’ve so been smoking again.”

Chanelle, wearing a gold mini-dress, was not allowed into the main house to see her old pals. Twin Amanda shouted to her: “We’ve missed you!”

Looks like Ziggy missed her quite a bit too…

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