Big Brother: Chanelle, Charley reach flashpoint

The rivalry between Big Brother housemates Chanelle and Charley has reached new heights following a furious row – over chart-topper Rihanna.

Trouble flared on Monday night midway through the BBTV task, when Charley was watching footage of the Umbrella singer on the plasma screen. “How old is she?” she asked. “19, 20?”

Chanelle suggested she was a little younger – around 16 or 17, but Charley disagreed. “Let’s just leave it shall we?” said Chanelle, not wanting to be drawn into an argument. But Charley wouldn’t let it lie.

“You’re the most boringest person in the house,” she told Chanelle.

“I’m glad you feel that way,” said Chanelle. “Is that all you can say? Because that’s all you say to every single person every single time you have an argument with them.”

Charley persisted, asking Chanelle what her problem was – before an almighty row erupted, as the other housemates ran for cover.

“Charley, to be quite honest I’m sick of conversations where everything gets turned around to what you think and it’s about you,” Chanelle shrieked. “It’s not The Charley Show, it’s Big Brother!”

The argument continued, with Charley referring to Chanelle as ‘it’ and got steadily worse until Brian and Ziggy stepped in to end it.

“Do you know how this argument started? Over Rihanna!” Charley protested as the brawling pair were separated.

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