Big Brother: Chanelle ‘had therapy’

Chanelle had emergency counselling sessions with psychologists after Charley returned to the Big Brother house, according to reports.

The Sunday Mirror claims that the 19-year-old – who is one of Charley’s arch rivals in the house – fled to the Diary Room in a panic after her nemesis’ eviction turned out to be fake.

Big Brother bosses promptly called in therapists, after they became genuinely concerned about Chanelle’s behaviour.

As a result she underwent several sessions in the Diary Room during which she revealed her true feelings about Charley – and apparently revealed she was “terrified” of the 22-year-old.

“Chanelle came to the Diary Room several times and it was clear she was very troubled,” said a Channel 4 spokesperson.

“Big Brother took the appropriate course of action but any therapy received by housemates is confidential.”

During the sessions Chanelle is also reported to have spoken about her relationship with Ziggy, saying she feared it was on the brink of collapse.

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