Big Brother: Chanelle quits!

Chanelle has left the Big Brother house, Channel 4 have confirmed.

The move follows days of deliberation, during which the Posh wannabe actually left the house, only to return minutes later.

Chanelle left a note for the housemates, which read: “Sam, Mand, Brian, good luck, luv you, see you soon, Chan”. She then took her suitcase into the diary room, without saying goodbye.

She was in the diary room for around half an hour when the door flashed from red to green and the housemates realised she was no longer in there.

Chanelle has had a string of rows with fellow housemate Ziggy over their on-off relationship. The former boybander claimed he questioned their relationship “every day”.

Speaking to Big Brother, Chanelle said: “I’m grateful to have been here for nine weeks but I’m missing my family and friends. I can’t live in the same house as Zac and he probably deserves to be here more than I do.

“I’m excited to be seeing my mum, but I also feel embarrassed as I’ve made a fool of myself.

“Thank you for having me. I really appreciate that you’ve let me on to the programme.”

Chanelle also added jokingly ,”Now I can meet Victoria Beckham and catch the Spice Girls tour before it finishes!”

Last weekend, Ziggy had told Chanelle: “It’s your character. You like the attention. You’re way over the top – a hypochondriac. You crave attention, not just from me, from everyone.”

He added: “On a daily basis, I’m depressed in here. And I’m afraid to say it has something to do with us. And it’s not you, it’s me, and that’s it.”

“Chanelle couldn’t live with Ziggy, but she couldn’t live without him. I think she was quite jealous,” fellow housemate Carole said.

“Both of them have been getting more and more unhappy and lonely.”

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