Big Brother: Chanelle speaks of mother’s murder

Ex-Big Brother housemate Chanelle has spoken out about her secret abortion and her hatred for the man who murdered her mother.

The 19-year-old, who has now quit the Big Brother house, was raised by foster parents.

Her prostitute mother, Andrea Sinclair, was murdered by client Keith Pollard in 1988.

Pollard is due to be freed from Full Sutton maximum security prison in York this month and Chanelle told the Daily Star: “I look so much like my mum so hopefully, when he sees pictures of me, it will haunt him so that he never forgets what he has done.

“My mum lives on in me and I hope that by being a success I can stick two fingers up at him.”

She went on: “If mum could speak now she would say she did love me and wanted to be with me but a sacrifice has been made to give me a better life.”

The blonde admitted she ‘went off the rails’ when she discovered the truth about her mother’s death.

She also revealed she had an abortion when she was 18.

“It was a really emotional time and I remember crying a lot,” she said.

“My maternal instincts kicked in and I felt like a mum. But I knew there was no way I should keep it because I was so young.

“Part of me wanted to keep the baby but I knew at 18 I couldn’t offer it a life because I could hardly look after myself.”

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