Big Brother: Chanelle’s fuming!

Chanelle launched into a verbal attack on Ziggy in the Big Brother house on Friday night, shortly after Charley’s return.

The 19-year-old took offence to remarks made in her fellow housemate’s fake eviction interview, in which she suggested that Ziggy had asked her out for a drink outside of the house.

“Why would you ask someone out for a drink, that’s really embarrassing for me,” she told Ziggy, who did not appear to see any problem and reacted angrily.

“Why is that embarrassing for you?” he asked. “You know what? You are seriously…you know what?”

“She said it on national TV!” Chanelle pointed out. “Charley said, “Ziggy even asked me to go out for a drink with him ’cause he didn’t like Chanelle any more”. Those were the words that she said on air! Ask the twins!”

However, Ziggy denied it. “She never said that! You know what it was? It was ’cause he’s not with Chanelle any more!'”

“You for some reason think I fancy Charley!” he fumed. “Why the hell would I nominate someone I fancied? You’re ridiculous Chanelle!”

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