Big Brother: Chanelle’s medical woes

Chanelle Hayes has TWICE been whisked out of the Big Brother house on medical grounds, it has been revealed.

The 19-year-old student from Wakefield has had to seek treatment twice in four days over the past fortnight due to agonising stomach cramps. But both departures were edited out by Channel 4, who made sure they weren’t screened in the live streaming and nightly highlights shows.

“Bosses decided they would be neglecting their duty of care if they didn’t get her medical help,” a Big Brother source told the Sunday Mirror. “But they have gone to great lengths to cover it up because they feel it would ruin the show.”

A Channel 4 spokesman confirmed the rumours, saying “Chanelle left the house for a very short time to seek medical attention from the Big Brother doctor for an ongoing condition.”

After the latest incident, Chanelle was given painkillers for her cramps, before returning to the house to be comforted by on-off boyfriend Ziggy, Carole and twins Sam and Amanda.

She was suffering again on Sunday morning, though for different reasons. As her fellow housemates indulged in a game of chase at around 4.30am, a tearful Chanelle went to the Diary Room to try and get some sleep.

“I went to sleep in the bathroom,” she sobbed to Big Brother, “but it was too warm and I could still hear them screaming.”

“Big Brother can I sleep in the caravan?” she went on to ask. “The bedroom is like a cage full of baboons.”

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