Big Brother: Chanelle’s not a happy housemate

Chanelle has made her feelings known to Big Brother after sensing an air of tension in the house.

The 19-year-old came to the Diary Room on Thursday afternoon following a morning of unease, and complained about the atmosphere between the housemates.

“Everyone’s woken up in a really bad mood,” she said. “Carole’s woken up in a bad mood, Charley and Nicky have woken up in let’s-pretend-there’s-a-secret -plan mood, and me and Zac have woken up in a let’s-cook- breakfast-together- -and-fall-out mood. “I don’t like it in the House today.”

She went on to say that she was desperate for Charley to leave. “I can’t live with her any more,” she complained. “Her big mouth, her ugly face, her smug little eyes, irritating voice, irritating personality.”

“And what’s worse is I used to like Nicky a lot. And now her and Charley are like the Big Brother witches.”

When asked how she would feel if Charley were to be evicted on Friday night Chanelle said she would be “ecstatic”.

“But if she’s in another house and she ends up coming back I will not be pleased,” she concluded, unaware for now that whoever is evicted on Friday will be going straight back into the house.”

Earlier, Charley and Ziggy had an in-depth conversation in the garden, during which the 21-year-old told the former pop star what she really thought of him.

“When you came into the house we all thought you were hot,” she admitted. “Chanelle said you were not her cup of tea. I think you are hot.”

“I know what kind of girl you like,” she added, “mature and on the level. You’ve been a good guy in this house. You’re not a player.”

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