Big Brother: Charley and Nicky ‘outsiders’

Big Brother duo Charley and Nicky have admitted to fellow housemate Brian that they don’t feel like part of the gang.

The pair told him how they felt on Thursday morning when they had both retreated to the caravan for a lie-down.

“If I wanted to be part of a group I would be,” Charley told him when he asked why they were hiding in the caravan. “But it’s too much la-la land for me. There’s always been a group.”

“Is it not a good thing to be part of the house?” Brian suggested.

“I don’t sit around with anyone,” Charley pointed out. “If I want to have a conversation I’ll sit with Nicky. But if I want to have fun I’ll sit with them lot.”

Meanwhile Brian’s suggestion to Nicky that she should ‘let her hair down’ a bit more was given short shrift.

“Don’t come in here and say to me ‘you need to let your hair down more’,” an infuriated Nicky said, “because I’ve enjoyed myself thoroughly while I’ve been in here.”

“You seem to forget that the average age in here is 20. I’m 28. I don’t particularly want to sit around cheerleading and flirting around. That’s not me.”

“What else can I do? Run around in a bikini? Be thrown in and out of the pool? Should I do that? Is that letting my hair down? I’m quite happy to enjoy myself sitting back and watching.”

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