Big Brother: Charley and Tracey nominated!

Either Charley or Tracey will be evicted from the Big Brother house on Friday, after receiving six nominations each from their fellow housemates.

The announcement, which was shown on Tuesday’s Big Brother’s Little Brother, was made by housemates Sam and Liam as part of a special news bulletin on BBTV.

It is the second time she is up for eviction. The first time she was in fact evicted by the public vote but was then sent straight back into the house as part of Fake Week.

Tracey is facing eviction for the third time, having been nominated twice earlier in the series.

Among those who nominated Charley were Brian, Carole, Chanelle, Gerry, Liam and Ziggy.

And it seems despite her pledge to turn over a new leaf following Fake Week, the housemates who nominated her have been more upset than ever by her behaviour.

Brian – who had a huge fight with her last week, said, “You wouldn’t treat a dog the way she treated me,” while Gerry said that “she only cares about Charley”.

Chanelle, meanwhile, said that she didn’t believe that Charley was sorry for anything she had done. “I don’t believe a thing that comes out of her mouth,” she told Big Brother.

Tracey’s main faults among those who nominated her appeared to be rudeness and taking things too seriously.

“Sometimes she can come across in an aggressive way,” Chanelle said of the raver. “It hasn’t really happened with us in here,” said Ziggy, who also nominated her.

Tracey was also nominated by Amanda, Liam, Sam and Gerry.

Last week’s nominee Gerry, meanwhile, received three nominations this week. Carole and Ziggy received two while Chanelle had one.

Charley has now had more nominations – 24 in total – than any other housemate so far this series. The twins are still without a single nomination.

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