Big Brother: Charley gets philosophical

Big Brother‘s fake evictee Charley has been telling the housemates her opinion on the public’s perception of her, since leaving the house on Friday.

The It Girl faced silence from the crowd when she left, followed by boos and ‘get Charley out’ banners on her way back in – but she appears to have been unphased by the whole experience.

“It doesn’t matter how real we act because people might think we just get on their nerves,” Charley said.

“I thought they’d hate me, maybe some did but I’ve been so real and they might think about some people that they don’t say what they think.

I know it was fake week night but the audience was real, they just got told to act fake on my way out.”

After re-entering the house on Friday night, Charley enthused to the other housemates about how “amazing” the whole eviction experience had been – and remains convinced she is popular with the public.

“I think they genuinely do like me because I say it straight up,” she concluded. “If it was fake it was fake but I saw people who looked like they liked me.”

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