Big Brother: Charley in new chores row

Another row has broken out in the Big Brother house over domestic issues – with the finger of blame being pointed at Charley.

Trouble broke out after Carole criticised Gerry and Charley for not doing the vacuuming and washing up – and Gerry defended himself, accusing the It Girl of doing almost nothing around the house.

“I don’t understand how she gets away with vacuuming once a week,” he told Carole on Wednesday afternoon. “Why are you telling me off about her job?”

Charley, on the other hand, shamelessly admitted her laziness, saying her time in the house had been like a “holiday camp” – but this only succeeded in upsetting Ziggy.

“Is that a nice comment? It’s a holiday camp and I will do what I want. Are you going to stick up for her now, Carole?” he asked. “I just heard your comment and that’s disgusting.”

Carole seemed not to care, and said she hadn’t heard the comment – but a shouting match had now broken out between Ziggy and Charley as a result.

“Do you know how many times this week people have been shouting ‘get Charley out’ and no-one wants to tell you?” Ziggy retorted.

“Why can’t people keep their opinions to themselves?” Charley said, storming off and telling Carole – who had been reduced to tears as a result of the altercation – that she was “past caring”.

However the row had one positive outcome – Chanelle, who had threatened to leave after a series of run-ins with housemates, has now decided to stay after witnessing the argument.

“The realisation that everyone else has rows too has made me want to stay,” she explained to the others later on.

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