Big Brother: Charley is fake evictee!

Charley has been voted out by the public in Big Brother‘s fake eviction, over fellow nominee Nicky.

The 21-year-old, who received 78.5 per cent of the vote, grinned when her name was announced. “Thank you Davina,” she called as the crowd outside erupted into a chorus of boos.

However, even this failed to phase Charley. “They weren’t booing that much at first,” she said, “Laura got more boos than I did.”

The news received a mixed reaction from the housemates. While the twins hugged Charley, Ziggy remained stony-faced at the news.

And afterwards Charley fought back tears as she came to terms with her impending eviction. “I was not bothered,” she said. “I felt quite relieved.”

Unbeknown to both Charley and the other housemates, however, she will be sent straight back into the house later on Friday evening after her eviction interview with Davina.

In a further twist the other housemates will be shown the interview – and will know exactly what Charley has said about them.

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