Big Brother: Charley loves Ziggy?

While things seem to be cooling between Chanelle and Ziggy in the Big Brother house, Charley appears to be moving in for the kill.

As the housemates enjoyed a barbecue on Saturday night as a reward for completing their step class task, Charley joined the former pop star in the bedroom for a chat about Chanelle.

“She likes to argue with you,” she said of the Posh lookalike. “She’s hurt, don’t you understand that? I can tell you that because she’s a girl. I know what she’s going through.”

Ziggy was confused, but Charley explained.

You know, you’ve sat there kissing with her each night,” she said, “I’m not saying don’t, but you’ve sat there snogging, and she was feeling…Ziggy, you’re a good-looking guy, do you not see that?

“I saw the other day when you came back in a white shirt, and even I thought, ‘Cor, he looks hot!'”

She went on to suggest that the 19-year-old was”immature” and even hinted at her being clingy.

“At the end of the day, Ziggy, you’ve come in on your own. You weren’t no one’s man in here. You could have got in with any of us, or flirted with all of us and not had to get in with one girl.”

“But you’ve got in with her, snogged her, and now she feels like you’re hers.”

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