Big Brother: Charley shows her soft side

She might have gained a reputation for being argumentative, but Charley showed another side to herself in the Big Brother house on Saturday night.

There were tears from the 22-year-old as she reflected on her behaviour in the house – and she confided her true feelings to Ziggy, Liam and Gerry.

“I feel terrible,” she sobbed. “Rather than let out my real side I’ve been a bitch and covered it by saying ‘oh I go here, there and everywhere’. It’s pathetic really.”

Ziggy – who has been involved in several arguments with Charley during their time in the house – seemed surprise but nonetheless provided a sympathetic ear.

“I could be more myself and talk about my life,” Charley said. “You’ve seen the nice side of me and the horrible side, you know that.”

Gerry suggested that her behaviour could be down to boredom, while Liam was more philosophical.

“It’s all about pros and cons,” he said. “If your cons outweigh your pros then you’ll not stay long. It’s all about moderation.” However this was little comfort to Charley.

“I can’t believe I’ve been this argumentative,” she concluded wistfully. “I can’t believe this side has come out.”

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