Big Brother: Charley suspicious of new arrival

The Big Brother housemates have been speculating about impending new arrival Pauline – and Charley already smells a rat.

During a conversation in the garden on Saturday morning,in which they discussed the housemate who they believe to be arriving from the Australian show, the party girl voiced her suspicions about what Big Brother might be up to.

“Imagine if they didn’t send her, but sent someone else and did a big switch, just to see our reactions,” she said.

“This is Big Brother, they never let you know what really is happening. They make you think stuff but then it doesn’t happen. They like us all querying.”

“She’ll be here,” said Tracey. “She could already be here.”

Charley agreed. “The security, the way there was all this hanging around, it was like she was here.”

“There’s some sort of catch,” she added I’m not thick. Big Brother wouldn’t be that straightforward. Unless it was all fake. Well not fake, but she knew what really was going on.”

With suspicions already aroused, will actress Thaila manage to convince the housemates she really is from Australian Big Brother? All will become clear when she enters the house on Sunday.

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