Big Brother: Charley the trollied dolly

Big Brother housemate Charley Uchea turned 22 in the house on Saturday and promptly made a complete show of herself.

Big Brother supplied Moulin Rouge costumes for the girls and tuxedoes for the guys, plus pop tunes and alcohol.

And while the frothy party atmosphere bubbled away for a time, it was inevitable that at some point the party girl would revert to type.

Eventually she commented: “I’m f*****!”

Brian attempted to get chummy with the birthday girl, only for her to groan, “F*** off Billi.”

“You just called me Billi, you loser!” he laughed. “I’m Brian.”

“I never. Who’s Billi?” Charley slurred, before adding, “Get off, Liam!”

“And now you’re calling me Liam! Can’t you call me my name?” Brian retorted.

Charley drunkenly tried to sink her teeth into his thigh, prompting Ziggy to get involved in the exchange.

“Charley, what are you doing?” he asked. “Come here, sit down and behave yourself.”

“Where’s the alcohol?” the birthday girl pleaded. “I want some more.”

“Don’t give ‘er no more,” Brian advised. “Oh my days, what is happening in this house? Look at ‘er!”

“Where’s my party gone?!” Charley cried, before slumping onto the sofa and closing her eyes.

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