Big Brother: Charley’s back!

Charley has returned to the Big Brother house after being voted out by the public in a ‘fake’ eviction.

The 22-year-old – dressed in a pair of skimpy pyjamas after the rest of her clothes were confiscated by Big Brother – left the house to the sound of silence from the crowd, who had been ordered to stay quiet upon Charley’s departure.

“What’s going on guys? Where’s the cheers man?” asked a clearly unsettled Charley as she walked from the house to meet Davina McCall, who whisked her away for her eviction interview.

She was then told that her interview would be different from the usual eviction chat, as Davina would be asking her a series of questions supplied by Big Brother.

Despite all this, Charley wasted no time in letting everybody know what she really thought of her fellow housemates – while the housemates watched.

“I think Chanelle probably nominated me,” she began when asked who she thought nominated her, “because we don’t see eye to eye for some strange peculiar reason. I don’t hate the girl but she’d be funny with me.”

She was also horrified to discover that Liam had nominated her for eviction. “Is that for real?” she asked. “I’m in shock. I can’t believe Liam – how could you do that? I sit on that smoker’s bench with him every day and give him tobacco!”

And she was equally disparaging when asked her opinion on the best-looking housemate. “I’d probably say Ziggy but he’s a bit over-highlighted, over-tanned. And Liam’s a good looking guy but I can’t stand him at the moment.”

She was full of praise for other housemates though, particularly Brian and Carole. “I think she’s amazing, she’s a nice woman and she cares a lot,” she told Davina.

And she admitted that she was embarrassed when shown footage of the many arguments she had had in the house. “If I had my time again I would do everything differently, just think before I talked…be in the background, be quiet.”

At this point Davina revealed that the eviction was fake and Charley would be returning to the house – much to her amazement.

At first she appeared hesitant, but when asked if she wanted to return was more enthusiastic. “Hell yeah,” she grinned. “Bring it on guys!”

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