Big Brother: Cheesy does it!

The Big Brother

housemates have successfully completed a task to try and find out whether eating cheese really does affect dreams.

On Wednesday afternoon the housemates were presented with a table full of cheese and instructed to eat as much as possible.

They then had to nap for an hour and report back to Big Brother on the dreams they had had – while wearing special helmets made of cheese.

To make things even weirder, Big Brother set up a surreal ‘dream sequence’ in the garden – featuring a group of actors dressed in costumes from past tasks.

One was wearing a costume from the task in which the housemates re-interpreted Kylie’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head video while another was dressed in the hot dog outfit Amanda wore during the Seven Deadly Sins task. And Charley’s clown costume also made another appearance.

The actors then treated the slumbering housemates to a piece of performance art about a thirtysomething mortgage advisor from Gateshead, set to the music of Swan Lake.

Afterwards, Big Brother asked the housemates what they had seen – and were met with some surprising answers.

It had a bouncy castle,” recounted Sam, “and balloons.”

“And, like, these big animals,” added Amanda.

“And candyfloss, and this princess kind of thing, and candy floss, and ice cream… everything was dead colourful,” they said.

“Maybe a clown,” Amanda concluded.

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