Big Brother: ‘Chiggy’ kiss and make up

The rocky romance between Big Brother lovebirds Ziggy and Chanelle appears to be back on again, after the pair shared a shower on Thursday night.

Earlier in the evening they had had a blazing row, after Chanelle complained about Ziggy’s smoking habit. The tiff ended with the pair not speaking to each other.

Later on, Ziggy told the 19-year-old that he thought their relationship had become too intense – and the quarrel kicked off all over again.

“We are very different,” he told her, “and the more this week has gone, the more I’ve realised it.”

He also said that the fun had been knocked out of their romance. “This has gone out of control. It’s not your fault, it’s not my fault, it’s just where we are.”

However, later on the pair had a smooch in the shower – and shared the same bed as per usual overnight.

So it appears that things are back to normal again between the two – but for how long?

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