Big Brother: ‘Chiggy’s’ frank talk

Chanelle has shared her true feelings with her Big Brother

love interest Ziggy over their on-off romance.

The chat, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, followed another blazing row the pair had had the previous day, in which Ziggy accused Chanelle of being annoyed over his friendship with Charley, and accused her of setting traps for him.

As such, Chanelle took him to task over the way he had been treating her in recent days.

“I came here to have fun,” she pointed out, “and we did that together and then you changed your mind, but I don’t think it’s fine to be ok with me one day and not the next. I won’t let you walk all over me.”

“I’m a proud and stubborn person,” she added. “I gave you olive branches, you take them at first and then you don’t care. I’m not saying it’s all you…but a lot of arguments there’s no reason to get into.”

Ziggy apologised for his behaviour. “It’s too twisted in here,” he said. “I know what I felt and how I feel.”

If you feel like that, this wouldn’t happen again and again day after day,” Chanelle swiftly pointed out. “We have rows, whether I start them or you do is irrelevant and I say this ’cause you upset me; I don’t think you meant to.”

“I don’t want to be mean to you,” Ziggy insisted. “It upsets me if I upset you. I think this is really awkward.”

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