Big Brother: Corin, Sam, John James out!

Corin Forshaw, Sam Pepper and John James Parton have been given the boot from the Big Brother 2010 house in a quadruple eviction ahead of the final.

The trio learned of their fate on Friday evening shortly after Steve had become the ninth person to be evicted from the house.

In addition JJ, Dave, Andrew and Mario learned that they would be competing to be series winner, joining Josie who was immune from Friday’s eviction after housemates voted her to receive an automatic pass to the final.

First of the three to leave the house was Corin, who got her marching orders shortly after Mario received the news that he was in the final.

The Katie Price lookalike reassured the other housemates that she was all right and admitted she was still “buzzing” despite having been evicted.

And after leaving the house to a largely positive response from the crowd she admitted to Davina that she was stunned to have made it so far.

“I always thought I’d be in there three or four weeks,” she said. “This is the end of the show so it’s amazing.”

However she added that her time in the house hadn’t all been plain sailing, and said she had found it particularly difficult to get on with John James.

“He’s the most arrogant and rude man I’ve ever met,” she said. “I’ve tried to avoid him for the whole two months.”

Sam was next to be given his marching orders, after JJ had been told that he was in the final.

The graffiti artist – who had arrived in the house just three weeks ago – leapt up upon hearing that he had been evicted and began hugging his fellow housemates. “I love you all right,” he told them. “I love you to bits you know?”

He left the house wearing a false moustache and received a mixed response of cheers and boos from the crowd – and afterwards admitted some of his behaviour had been “a bit too much”, but added he didn’t want to get on the wrong side of all his fellow housemates.

“I was scared of Steve,” he said. “He’s got a military background and I think he’d give me a good one-two if I step out of line.”

Sam also denied that there were any romantic sparks flying between him and Josie. “Definitely not,” he said. “She’s got a really nice personality, but we’d never be able to get on in a relationship.”

Finally John James was told he had been evicted, leaving Dave as the last housemate to find out he had made the final.

The Australian quickly hugged his housemates, and said an emotional goodbye to Josie, who kissed and hugged him tearfully before whispering, “I love you….I’m sorry.”

He then left the house to a chorus of boos from the crowd, before admitting in his eviction interview that he could have controlled his anger better.

“I just felt like I didn’t deserve to be in there honestly,” he said. “I unleashed on Rachel and it got a bit out of hand.”

However he did answer the question of whether or not he loved Josie or just saw her as a friend. “You’ll see when she gets out that everything I said was real,” he told Davina.