Big Brother: Create-a-task

Big Brother gave the housemates an unusual task on Monday – to create their own task.

Carole teamed up with Sam and Amanda, Brian with Liam, and Jonty with Ziggy to brainstorm their tasks which they then had to pitch to Big Brother in the Diary Room.

Carole and the twins were first into the Diary Room with their Circle Of Fun – a dartboard divided into eight different categories.

“The categories we’ve got are food, drink, physical, impersonate, game, dare, kiss and clothes,” Amanda told Big Brother.

“The lower the score, the more likely it is to be a forfeit, and the higher the score, the more likely it is to be very good,” Carole explained.

Next into the Diary Room were Brian and Liam with their party night obstacle course – otherwise known as the ‘Party Hard’ task.

“First off, Big Brother,” Brian began, “our requirements for the task are lots of booze – AKA cider – some phat tunes, that’s p-h-a-t, one trike, loads of pizza and kebabs, some traffic cones, two blow-up dolls.”

“One man, one woman, but can we have the woman with extra-big boobies please?” Liam added.

Jonty and Ziggy pitched an altogether more laid-back task involving a prison camp, a union camp, role-play and… Abraham Lincoln.

“Do you think the housemates will enjoy this?” Big Brother asked.

“I think the housemates will love it,” Jonty replied.

Big Brother will choose one task for the housemates to take part in later that evening.

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