The most talked-about romance on this year’s Big Brother appears to have ended before it had even started – after Jennifer and Dale had a row over men wearing make-up.

The pair, egged on by Sylvia in her pink party dress, argued as Jennifer took him into the luxury bedroom to doll him up as part of a task.

“I actually prefer boys in make-up,” Jennifer said, as she put eye shadow on him.

Dale had previously seen Jennifer and eye shadow wearer Stuart go arm-in-arm to the Diary Room.

In response, Sylvia asked Dale: “Do you wear it?”

His expletive-laden reply was: “I don’t even cleanse, do I?!” He then reminded Jennifer of her angry reaction when he had removed some hair gel.

Jennifer said abruptly: “Yeah, I did go mad, because I was frightened we’d lose the task, because you were interfering with the stylist.”

Dale said pointedly: “Yeah well, I wouldn’t worry about that because we passed, didn’t we Sylv?”.

“Exactly!” shouted Sylvia, as Jennifer gazed forlornly at the pair.

Sylvia, along with Mohamed, faces eviction from the Big Brother house on Friday.