Big Brother housemates Dale and Stuart have shown little sign of being upset at the news they will go head to head in Friday’s eviction.

In fact, the pair seemed really happy to be facing the public vote, with Dale choosing to discuss his own feelings with Sara afterwards.

“If I stay, I’ll be gutted, right, because I’ve stayed and Stu’s gone and he’s been evicted and stuff,” he said.

“But if I go and Stu stays, I’ll be happy, but I’ll be ****** off. I can’t win!” he added.

Stuart, meanwhile, opted to share his thoughts with Big Brother in the Diary Room – and he seemed equally pleased at the prospect of returning to the real world.

“I’m feeling happy, good, buzzing, amazing, so excited,” he told Big Brother.

“I’m looking forward to what could be the best week since I’ve been in here,” he revealed. “I’ve been wanting this for weeks.”

Stuart received four nominations from his fellow housemates, with Lisa, Mohamed, Rex and Rachel all voting for him. Dale, meanwhile, was nominated by Mohamed, Rex and Sara.

Only seven housemates were allowed to nominate this week.

The housemates in hell – Mikey, Kathreya and Nicole – lost the chance to nominate after failing to complete a Brussels sprout eating task, while Darnell was banned after discussing nominations.