Big Brother: Dale is new head of house

Dale has been named new head of the Big Brother house after a closely fought battle between him, Bex and Maysoon to take the title.

Soon after Dale was told on Saturday that he was no longer head of house, the trio were given the task of competing for the title by dressing in monkey costumes and sitting on tyres in the garden.

The housemate who lasted the longest would be the one crowned head of house – although Bex put herself out of the running after just three minutes.

After several hours, Maysoon eventually conceded late on Saturday evening – leaving Dale victorious.

And he chose Stuart, Maysoon, Luke, Rex and Rebecca to join him in Heaven – sending the other housemates swiftly to the hellish side of the house.

Two housemates who were not given the chance to remain in Heaven, meanwhile, were Kat and Mohamed.

The pair were sent to hell by Big Brother after stealing and eating bananas meant for the monkey trio which were hanging up in the garden.