Big Brother: David and Kara-Louise are in!

There were tears in the Big Brother house when the housemates chose David and Kara-Louise as their new inmates.

Big Brother revealed on Monday evening that the housemates had five minutes to make their decisions. Cue a bunch of knee-jerk choices.

Carole and Gerry took charge, placing five cups on the table representing each of the halfway housemates.

First up was Amanda. “I’m voting for Kara-Louise because I’ve had a dead good conversation with her,” said Amanda. David got her second vote.

Like a good twin, Sam made the same choices.

Brian was next: “Shanessa, ’cause Big Brother said somebody who’s got Big Brother magic, and Amy, ’cause I think it’d be interesting to see how she’d develop in the House.” Hmm. Curious reasons fella.

Tracey went for teddy hugger Jonty, “Cause I could have a real giggle with the geezer”. She also chose David.

Carole voted for Shanessa: “I think she’s a very big personality.” She also chose Jonty: “Because he probably thinks he would be the least likely person to come in here”.

Liam plumped for David and Amy, while Gerry decided that David would ‘revitalise all of us’, and reckoned Kara-Louise was a ‘girl next door with all the good qualities’.

Finally, Ziggy chose Jonty: “Because he’s a little bit strange”; plus a sixth vote for David.

The decision reduced Kara-Louise to tears, while David didn’t look wildly moved. Bad luck to Shanessa, Amy and Jonty. Housemates – you’ve made your decisions, so play nice!

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