David Ramsden has finished third in the final of Big Brother – leaving just Sophie and Siavash in the house.

The clothing recycler from Yorkshire – who was one of five late arrivals in the house and the only one of the five to reach the final – received 19 per cent of the public vote.

Earlier in the evening Rodrigo finished in fifth place and Charlie was fourth.

David – who had been noticeably emotional as the results were announced, looked almost relieved to have done so well.

“I’m happy with that,” he told Sophie and Siavash, as the latter became almost hysterical at the realisation he was in the final two.

Afterwards, David said in his eviction interview he had tried not to let his late arrival influence who he befriended in the house.

“Obviously I had my favourite housemates,” he said, “but I went in there with an open book, to try and get on with everybody.”

However he admitted the past week had been a struggle since Lisa was evicted.

“It was awful without Lisa, I was devastated, but she was my rock in the house and she will be my rock throughout my life,” he said. “If I was a woman, she would be with me.”