Big Brother: Davina slams ex-housemates

Big Brother host Davina McCall has criticised Gerry and Chanelle’s antics on the show.

Davina said that Gerry ruined the Guru twist on Friday night and blasted Posh wannabe Chanelle’s decision to quit, according to reports in The Sun.

The presenter began her rant by saying that Gerry shouldn’t have begged housemates to evict him just as the twins were about to choose who got the chop between him and Carole.

She seethed: “I was a bit annoyed with Gerry because he took the decision away from the twins. I was looking forward to that dilemma.”

And she was surprised that Gerry got a ‘massive cheer’ from the crowd, saying: “I was thinking ‘he’s just going to get massively booed’.”

Davina then hit out at Chanelle, who walked after falling out with house lover Ziggy.

She said: “I think she could have resolved her issues with Ziggy. They could have split up and she could have been a great housemate. I enjoyed her tantrums.”

Davina also hinted that this year’s show had too many housemates — as her exit interviews will have to be cut short on next week’s final night to fit everyone in.

She said: “It’s a shame because we’ll have to get through loads of them. I’d especially like to talk to Carole.”

Davina, who admits she gets nervous on eviction nights, said she enjoyed grilling Charley about why she lied to housemates over her fake eviction.

She said: “It was hilarious when Charley said to the housemates I had told her she was unique. I hadn’t said a word to her.

“That turned into ‘you’re amazing, you’re unique’ — but it was good, because in her real eviction interview I was able to pull her up on it.”

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