Big Brother: Davina ‘wept’ over show’s demise

Big Brother presenter Davina McCall has admitted that she cried when she heard the news that Channel 4 was to axe the show.

The channel announced on Wednesday that it would be bringing the show to an end following one final series next summer under their contract with producers Endemol.

There will also be one more series of Celebrity Big Brother in January.

The news followed months of speculation about the show’s future, after disappointing ratings for the current series – but nonetheless McCall described the announcement as a “shocker”.

I got a phone call from my producer saying that next year we were going to have the last Celebrity Big Brother, and indeed the last Big Brother,” she said.

“Even though I kind of knew it was coming to an end and that it gives Channel 4 an opportunity to try something else, and they’ve had a lot of flak for Big Brother in the past, I think they’ve been very brave to stick with it as long as they did.

“I just felt really sad, I cried for a bit and my husband was being very nice to me all day. It was kind of a weird day, I felt like I was grieving the loss of a friend.”

McCall added that she thought next year’s series would be “silly” and suggested that it should “go out with a bang”.

“I certainly will be quite naughty,” she said. “I’m not sure in what way or how but it could involve some shenanigans in the house or something, I want to go in the house really badly.”

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