So the first batch of housemates have been revealed, and as was rumoured, they are all women! Here’s who went in on the opening night.

Sam and Amanda are the first set of twins to make it into the Big Brother house. The 18-year-old students love all things pink, share everything together and even have their own ‘twin song’ which they sing when introducing themselves to the opposite sex.

Lesley is the oldest housemate, a 60-year-old retired headhunter and member of the Women’s Institute. She claims to be friendly with members of the Royal Family, won’t do anything domestic and ‘hates music’.

Charley was the next person into the house. The 21-year-old unemployed ‘It Girl’ has a life which revolves around parties, parties and more parties.

Following her was colourful character Tracey. The pink-haired, 36-year-old cleaner is a lover of peace and parties, knows everybody in the village where she lives and has never been on a plane.

Chanelle is a 19-year-old Victoria Beckham obsessive who bears a striking resemblance to her idol. In the real world she is a student who ‘wants to be famous’.

Next in was Shabnam, a hyperactive 22-year-old who never sticks to one job for long, because she claims she is “too creative to be tied down to mundane work”.

She was followed by Emily, a 19-year-old drama student and self-confessed ‘indie chick’ from Bristol.

Laura, meanwhile, is a nanny from South Wales. The 23-year-old wants to train as an embalmer, always carries an elastic band with her, and is a fanatical non-smoker.

Nicky, on the other hand, is a smoking addict and hater of men. The 27-year-old account executive was born in Bombay and adopted as a baby.

And finally, there’s Carole, who at 53 is the second oldest housemate. The East Londoner is a health worker and political protestor who says she always speaks her mind.