Big Brother housemate Dennis could be removed from the house after spitting in Mohamed‘s face during an argument.

E4 suspended live coverage of Big Brother on Thursday night when a fight broke out between Dennis, Mohamed, Rex and Darnell, after Rex smudged Jennifer’s task-winning painting of Stuart.

A tearful Jen was comforted by camp dancer Dennis who was furious at chef Rex’s behaviour. And Dennis raged when Mo defended his pal Rex, saying Jen was just an “attention seeker”.

Big Brother immediately cut the live feed and split the housemates into two groups, ordering them to stay in the two separate bedrooms until the morning.

In the luxury bedroom Dennis told Jen, Dale, Bex, Luke, Stuart and Lisa: “If a woman is sitting breaking her heart, no-one should be arguing.

“Mo got up in my face and said ‘Don’t tell me to shut up’ and that’s when I spat at him in his face.”

“If I’m removed, I’m removed … everyone’s gonna get pulled in one by one tomorrow.”

Indeed, Big Brother producers are in the process of calling each housemate to the diary room for their version of events and will decide Dennis’s fate in due course.

A Big Brother spokeswoman said: “Around 12.45am a verbal argument took place between a number of housemates. During that argument Dennis allegedly spat at Mohamed.”

She added:”Big Brother immediately intervened and separated the housemates into their bedrooms, where they will remain until the morning.

“Big Brother is currently talking to each of the housemates individually and reviewing the situation before deciding if any appropriate action is required.”