Big Brother: ‘Dogface’ and Sophia talk nominations

The prospect of eviction is already on the minds of some of the Big Brother contestants facing the first round of nominations.

Glamour model Sophie, 20, who was earlier told to change her name to Dogface, and Sophia were caught on camera discussing who could be up for eviction.

“I think it’s going to be more than two people up,” said Sophia. “And definitely me.”

“I think it’ll be me,” said Dogface.

But Sophia moved to reassure her, saying: “I have been hearing things and everyone likes you.”

She added that she thought the house was being run by a trio of Saffia, Charlie and Kris.

And Dogface agreed, saying: “I think they put on a bit of a show for the cameras.

“Pushing each other in the water. They’re just acting up. They’re not themselves.”

The constant scrutiny of the cameras was clearly affecting Freddie who worried what viewers thought about him

making dinner for the other contestants.

Twenty-three-year-old entrepreneur Freddie, who agreed to change his name to Halfwit in the first days of the show, said: “If you cook a meal for lots of people, people might think it’s to make people happy, that it’s a game plan.”

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