Big Brother housemates Siavash and Dogface are set to face the public vote this week as a punishment for discussing nominations.

The pair were told on Sunday morning they would only be able to escape nomination themselves if they did not utter a single swear word before 3pm that afternoon.

“Today you must be punished,” Big Brother told them. “This is not a discussion. In order to avoid facing the public vote automatically, you both must not swear until 3pm today.”

“If you communicate anything about this punishment to your fellow housemates, you will also automatically face eviction. You are not permitted to go to bed, or sleep. Your punishment begins from the moment you leave the Diary Room.”

However neither one of them was able to stop themselves from swearing, and so were informed on Sunday afternoon they would both be up for eviction this Friday, along with whoever receives the most nominations.

It is the second week in a row that Dogface, aka Sophie, has faced the public vote as a punishment for her behaviour in the house.

In other Big Brother news, former housemate ‘Nasty’ Nick Bateman, who appeared in the very first series, will be paying a visit to the house to mark the show’s 10th anniversary week.

He will have another chance to take part in the assault course task he faced in the first series. Meanwhile three former housemates from Big Brother 3 will take part in an egg and spoon race, with a current housemate called upon to predict the winner.