Big Brother: double eviction on Friday

Big Brother has revealed that two of the people currently living in the Halfway House will be evicted on Friday.

Shanessa, David, Tracey and Kara-Louise lost their housemate status and were sent to the Halfway House on Wednesday after the four who were living there – Ziggy, Liam, Amy and Jonty – were given full housemate status and had to choose four people to replace them.

They were informed then that they would be facing the public vote on Friday – but were not told that it would be a double eviction.

As a result, the two housemates who receive the most votes will be given the boot.

There is no word yet on whether the other two halfway housemates will be sent back to the main house or stay put.

All the Halfway Housemates are facing eviction for the first time except for Tracey, who is facing her fourth possible eviction.

She was also nominated last week but escaped eviction after Charley was voted out by an overwhelming majority.

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