Big Brother draws lowest eviction audience

The latest Big Brother eviction drew the smallest audience since the show began, seven years ago.

Only 2.4 millions viewers tuned in to see loud-mouthed Belinda get the boot, the lowest figure for an eviction since 2001.

This year’s series has also seen the worst single episode since 2004 and a 15 per cent drop in viewers since last year.

Crucially, the show’s target audience – 16-34 year olds – is also switching off, with the show drawing the lowest share of these viewers ever.

A Channel 4 insider told The Sun: “We’d prefer the ratings to be growing but those days are gone. It still does well compared to everything else on C4.

“It’s still young and upmarket. It could continue on its general level of gentle decline and still be significant.”

And Big Brother’s first winner, Craig Phillips, thinks there’s still hope for this series.

He said: “It definitely gets better later on. When there are too many people the camera time has to be shared.

“Now the numbers are going down it’ll get more interesting.”