Big Brother: Emily kicked out for racist slur!

Big Brother housemate Emily Parr has been removed from the house for using a racially offensive word.

Emily was dancing with Charley and Nicky in the living room of the Big Brother house around 8.30pm on Wednesday when she was heard to say “Are you pushing it out, you nigger?” to Charley.

She immediately made it clear that she hadn’t meant it to offend and it was meant as a joke, and Charley and Nicky both agreed that they weren’t personally offended.

They did, however, express shock at the language she used.

The comment wasn’t screened as the live streaming on E4. In consultation with senior execs at Channel 4 and Endemol producers, the decision was taken to remove Emily from the house on the grounds that she had broken the rules governing contestant behaviour.

Emily was called to the Diary Room at approximately 03.30am and told of the decision. She was removed from the house immediately.

The 19-year-old drama student from Bristol was one of two housemates nominated for eviction this week and as a result the latest eviction vote has been suspended.

Watch the exchange on Channel 4’s Big Brother on Thursday night.

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