Big Brother: ‘Everybody loved me’ says Charley

Big Brother‘s latest evictee Charley remains convinced she is popular – despite receiving one of the worst receptions ever on leaving the house.

“The 22-year-old exited to a resounding chorus of boos – with even Davina McCall admitting she was “struggling” to hear a single cheer.

“It felt strange,” said Charley, who did her best to ignore the crowd, “but at the same time I heard lots of cheers.”

“When I went out there two weeks ago everybody loved me, they had T-shirts with my name on and everything.”

However, she wasn’t quite so enthusiastic about her fellow housemates, comparing them to squeaky-clean sitcom family The Brady Bunch.

“Ever since I went back in the house they just wanted to get me out of the way and be horrible to me,” she said.

“But their faces made me so angry. Chanelle with her little pea-head and her voice – it made me sick. And Gerry’s voice really bugged me too. He just got on my nerves.”

But she did have some kind words for the others. “Carole’s got a heart oof gold, she made me feel so welcome,” Charley said of the oldest housemate.

“She needs to win.”

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