Big Brother: Eviction reaction

Big Brother‘s fake eviction – which saw Charley leaving the house and being sent straight back in – has met with a mixed response from the housemates.

After the shock of being shown her eviction interview, the housemates greeted the news that she would be returning with disbelief.

Both Ziggy and Chanelle looked stunned, while others were more amused by the stunt. “Oh my God,” laughed Gerry, “what a twist.”

Following her interview, Charley was taken straight back to the house and walked through the audience to a chorus of loud booing.

However, she appeared not to notice the hostile reaction, and smiled and waved to people in the crowd.

And when she returned to the house, it was to shrieks and hugs from the twins, Carole and Brian. “I can’t believe you’re back!” Brian shrieked, as Ziggy, Chanelle and Liam looked on in silence.

But Charley had only one thing on her mind – and that was the attention she had received from the people outside the house.

“Did you see the signs for me?” she shouted, seemingly oblivious to the fact she had re-entered the house to boos and catcalls.

“Signs with my face on it – billboards – I can’t believe it. Oh my God, I love you all! It was amazing!”

And she remained philosophical about the whole experience. “It just lets you know who your friends are,” she said of her interview, “I’ve seen it all now.”

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