Less than a day after they entered the house, the Big Brother 8 housemates have already been discussing the possibility of eviction.

Both Emily and Laura predicted that someone would be leaving the house on Friday.

“They’re not going to waste a Friday night doing nothing,” said Laura. “Tomorrow night I’m going to be ready, I’m going to have curlers in my hair.”

“Any of us could be going,” added Emily.

Other housemates have shown a more relaxed attitude to the prospect of being given their marching orders.

Shabnam told Lesley that she wasn’t in the house “to win, just to have fun and get on with it,” while Charley said she planned to enjoy herself.

Lesley, meanwhile, told the others that the winner would have to have stamina. “It’s no good coming in here, being all hyperactive and collapsing on day three,” she pointed out.

“There are two sorts of people – sprinters and long-distance runners. Either one will win this, not anybody who’s in the middle.”

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