The Big Brother housemates have said goodbye to Mohamed in the first part of a surprise midweek double eviction, just days before the final.

Mohamed was the first of the seven remaining housemates to be told he had been given the boot, while the housemates were partying dressed as Mohamed in robes and afro wigs.

Darnell was left furious at the news, while both Kathreya and Rachel were sobbing as he said his hasty goodbyes.

And afterwards – having left the house to a mixed reaction from the crowd – he admitted to Davina it had come as something of a shock. “I’m still shaking,” he said, “I wasn’t expecting that at all.”

“I thought a midweek eviction was possible, we were definitely expecting it but when we received a task we completely forgot about it.”

And the toy demonstrator cringed when quizzed about his eating habits – which earned him the nickname ‘Greedy Mo’ and left him a little unpopular with his fellow housemates.

“I did speak to the psychologist who gave me a hint why everyone was angry with me,” he admitted, “They were calling me Greedy Mo but I thought they meant that as a joke.”

“But I didn’t change because that’s who I was.”