As Big Brother prepares to jettison its first housemate this series, the spectre of another Jade Goody-Shilpa Shetty controversy looms amid this week’s bullying row.

Single mother Alexandra De-Gale is at the heart of the row after a series of acrimonious arguments. Despite being reprimanded by Big Brother for intimidating behaviour she has continued tirades against various housemates.

She accused Rex Newmark of touching her lighter without permission and of having a personal vendetta against her, calling him a “loser” when the chef walked away.

Afterwards Alex shed tears in the Diary Room, saying she had tried to curb her anger since being warned about her behaviour.

Media watchdog Ofcom revealed that it had received 505 complaints since she began launching foul-mouthed tirades at her housemates. Channel 4 has also had around 250 complaints.

Meanwhile, Lisa Appleton, Luke Marsden, Mario Marconi and Stephanie McMichael will find out which one of them gets the boot on Friday night.

The four were put up for the public vote after failing a secret wedding task.

Despite bookmakers making Alexandra the most unpopular housemate ever she is not facing eviction this week.

On a lighter note, housemates managed to have some short-lived fun when they swapped a record token for a song. Rebecca Shiner and Dennis McHugh jumped on to the kitchen table when the Ting Tings’ hit That’s Not My Name kicked in.