Big Brother: Excitement over ‘Pauline’

The Big Brother housemates have been in a state of high excitement ever since learning they are to have a new arrival from Australia.

On Friday night they were informed that ‘Pauline’, a recent evictee from the Australian version of Big Brother,would be joining them in the house shortly.

However they remain unaware that she is in fact a fake housemate, played by an actress called Thaila Zucchi,who is being sent in to spy on the others.

“New blood is coming and she sounds cool,” Gerry said upon hearing news of Pauline’s arrival.

Carole pointed out to the others that the boys were getting excited. “And even Gerry’s getting excited,” she joked.

Even Charley was showing her charitable side, saying that the new housemate could share her bed.

Just to further complicate matters, the housemates have been convinced that ‘Pauline’ has been exchanged for Laura, and that the Welsh nanny is currently on her way to the Australian Big Brother house – which of course is untrue.

Carole spared a thought for the recently departed housemate in all the excitement. “I’d be really disappointed if I get out and find that Laura didn’t go to Australia,” she said.

Thaila,aka Pauline, will enter the house on Sunday, kicking off Big Brother’s ‘Fake Week’ – which will culminate in a fake eviction next Friday night.

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