Big Brother: Fake eviction prank!

Big Brother has played a practical joke on the remaining housemates by claiming they had to nominate two of their number for eviction.

After telling Carole, Liam and Ziggy they would be punished for discussing nominations – even though it is the last week of the show and there are no more nominations this series – Big Brother told the other housemates on Monday night they would have to pick two of the trio to be nominated for eviction.

At first the four refused. “I can’t,” Amanda insisted, and Brian agreed with her. But Big Brother was in no mood for bargaining. “Nominating is not optional,” they were told.

In the end, they reluctantly agreed to comply and set about discussing who should be nominated.

“I heard them all saying, ‘Sorry Liam we got you involved, ’cause it wasn’t nothing to do with you,'” Sam pointed out. “If Liam just got involved in the conversation, but it wasn’t actually about him…do you know what I mean?”

Brian added that he couldn’t face nominating Liam, but Sam explained that this meant he shouldn’t be nominated.

“I know that Ziggy and Carole kept saying, ‘Liam, we don’t want you to be involved in our punishment,'” the twin said. “That’s the only way I can see it.”

As such, they told Big Brother they would nominate Carole and Ziggy for eviction.

“Thank you for your nominations,” Big Brother replied. “Unfortunately, those nominations mean absolutely nothing and count for nothing. There will be no eviction this Wednesday.”

The four reacted with shock. “That wasn’t funny!” Sam snapped. “That’s horrible,” gasped Jonty.

Not everybody was upset though. “That’s great news,” cheered Liam as he watched the four on the plasma screen in the living area.

Looks like they’re all there for the duration after all…

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