Big Brother: Fake Week strikes again!

Big Brother‘s latest Fake Week stunt has been to punish the housemates after claiming that three of them broke one of the rules.

The housemates were ordered to gather on the sofas in the living area shortly after being woken on Wednesday, where they were told that three of them had broken one of the ‘fundamental’ rules of the show – but gave no details.

Big Brother subsequently ordered the three – saying they knew who they were – to report to the Diary Room immediately.

However, this led to confusion among the housemates, who racked their brains trying to work out who the rule-breakers were.

After much debate, Big Brother then told them that if the culprits did not own up then the entire house would be punished.

“We don’t know who it is!” insisted Brian, while Charley suggested that Big Brother was “doing it on purpose”.

When nobody came forward, they were told that all housemates would be punished in alphabetical order – starting with Amanda, Brian and Carole, who were sent to the vestibule and ordered to fully reconstruct six corn cobs by glueing each piece of corn back on to the husk.

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