Either Sara, Nicole or Lisa will get the boot from the Big Brother 9 house this week, after it was revealed they have all been nominated for eviction.

It is the first time that any of them have faced the public vote so far this series.

Lisa has been in the house since the start of the series but the other two arrived later – Sara entered the house on July 4 while Nicole has been there for just three weeks.

The housemates had a mixed reaction to the news, with Lisa seeming almost resigned to her fate. “I’m not surprised I’m up,” she said, “I was expecting it.”

However Nicole wasn’t quite so calm. “I told you Rex, but you didn’t believe me, did you? It’s just people that aren’t in the group, who want people in their ‘final five’ that’s all it is. It’s pretty obvious.”

Rex tried to reassure her that it was just “part of the game” but Nicole remained unconvinced Later on she threatened to walk before Friday’s result was announced. “I’m just going to go tomorrow,” she told Rex. “I am 100 per cent going.”

And she also shared her thoughts with Sara.

“I think it’ll be between me and you,” she pointed out, “because we’re young and we’re not exactly ugly. Girls don’t like that and the majority of the people who watch this show are girls.”